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Marketplace operators must remove uncertainty to create a trusting community. From where does it originate? A buyer cannot guarantee that the seller can deliver the right product. In addition, the true identity of the buyer cannot be reliably determined by sellers. The key word here is trust. A service that verifies identities can help you expand your business by bringing on real customers and preventing frequent e-commerce fraud from upsetting you and your clients.buyer and seller.jpg

Handling the risks and frauds

Cybercrime's emergence and the expansion of the market are related. Remember that con artists use constantly changing tools. The possibility of fraud will probably always remain in the e-commerce industry. Thus platform owners must be prepared to constantly check and control them. 

Chargeback frauds – The fraudster registers on the platform, makes a purchase and then challenges the transaction by claiming that their credit card was stolen or lost. As a result, the marketplace and payment service provider are penalized, and the user gets a refund.

Purchase fraud – A dishonest provider fails to deliver the goods after receiving money from the buyer.

Fake seller profile – Fraudsters replicate the profiles of legitimate businesses to provide fraudulent goods. As a result, it works against them in favor of the authorized buyer and vendor.

Closed loop – To present fake goods, both the seller and buyer profiles in this case are fraudulent. Theft of financial information is put to use to generate revenue.

The marketplace can also be used as a means of money laundering. Shopping platforms are accountable for not seizing the offender who is wanted by law authorities for a fine. The same consumer purchasing pricey goods from the same supplier repeatedly could be a sign of criminal activity. Anti-money laundering (AML) regulations require markets to monitor and document illegal activity. If platforms don't take the necessary precautions to prevent money laundering and other scams, they run the danger of facing severe financial penalties. This also has an impact on banks and payment solution providers. If they do not adhere to AML rules, they run the risk of harming the market's reputation, which is reliant on the dependability of the products, services, and clients.

Identity Verification

We have created tools to help you set up solid security for your marketplace platforms. With the help of our KYC and KYB solutions, you can adhere to the newest laws and regulations. Video verification is a significant help if you want to swiftly and easily authenticate your customers' identities as identification documents alone are insufficient. Our Live-Verify and Self-Verify solutions will improve identity reliability for your organization. Modern identity verification methods are needed if you want to create a strong profile of the consumers and sellers on your marketplace platform. Verifying the person behind a transaction may be much simpler than you think.


Our identity verification service is conducted over a video conference with the assistance of a skilled operator. The verification expert, assisted by AI and automated algorithms, leads the user through each step. The scenario can be changed to meet the needs of your business and your industry's criteria for following the law.


An entirely automated verification service guides the customer through the process using artificial intelligence. AI is used to automatically verify and validate the submitted documents.


The user of this ID verification service can finish the process independently by following the on-screen instructions. The technology automatically checks the supplied papers after a verification specialist has reviewed the recorded video.

Proof of address check

If you wish to strengthen the security of the onboarding process, you can include the proof of address check in your KYC. The address supplied for verification is confirmed to be the address of the actual residence. We may validate the user and their documents in real-time to prevent the signup process from being delayed.

Age verification

If your marketplace business offers things that are subject to age restrictions, you must verify the ages of your customers. The birthdates of the users are verified and checked in all of our solutions. You can be sure that nobody under the age of 18 won't go through the onboarding process.

Sanctions and PEPs checks

You can include the sanctions and PEPs checks in the identity verification process to help you decide who is and isn't fit to conduct business with or join your marketplace community. We are prepared to review watchlists released by governmental and financial institutions based on more than 350 global databases.

Why Us?

We can help you stay in compliance with the newest financial standards and regulations while also fostering trust in your marketplace community. We created our technologies in response to the demands of the e-commerce sector. Also, the method can be modified to suit your unique needs.

The verification services we provide uphold the best user experience and strictest security standards. Identity authentication occurs during video calls with the help of a knowledgeable operator. Via our services that combine technology, biometrics, AI, and human intelligence, we provide two choices, live verify and self-verify.

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