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Leave No Stone Unturned!

A corporate investigation is a very prominent matter; it may involve unethical or unlawful behavior, financial fraud, abuse of power, etc., on the part of an individual, a group of individuals, or a business. 

One of the most crucial areas of corporate investigation is the detection of corporate fraud. Again, this is a very broad investigative subject that could involve the actions of a person, a group of people inside the company, someone outside, or even a rival company.

company investigation.jpgWe support your adherence to your moral and professional standards while assisting you in significantly increasing productivity. Your ability to examine the data and provide advice to clients increases when you expedite the research and investigation process.

Our investigation services include:

  • Analysis of the financial profile.
  • Investigating the connections, affiliations, and actions.
  • Learn about historical and contemporary events and activities.
  • Corporate reputations suffer from hidden objectives.
  • Networks and business associates.
  • Go through any bias that may appear in the judgment or time agreement.
  • Background and general reputation.
  • Post-transaction management is a high risk, according to the study.

Some of the situations that require an Investigation include:

Mergers and Acquisitions – Self-reported data from a potential merger or acquisition company needs to be verified. Any risks, such as compliance problems or impending lawsuits, must be made clear to your clients. The C-suite executives should also undergo a thorough background check because their reputations could have a significant impact on your company. To determine the value and make wise decisions prior to moving forward with a deal, corporate investigation information is essential.

Vetting People and Organizations – When your client's earnings and reputation are on the line, they want to be certain that they are familiar with the businesses and individuals they are dealing with. By revealing information on entities, owners, and their connections, our investigative solutions can aid in the avoidance of a risky commercial transaction or compliance issue. You should thoroughly investigate any prospective clients, customers, suppliers, or business partners before advising your client on whether to pursue the connection or end it.

Vendors – Your customer should evaluate a company's financial soundness, industry reputation, and regulatory compliance procedures before doing business with them. Red flags could be a good indication to apply the breaks moving forward. Yet we aren't just essential at the start of a relationship. The supply chain of your client's company must be continuously monitored because businesses and their top executives are subject to change.

Customer and Business – Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) activities require accurate and complete consumer vetting. Your clients require your assistance in confirming that their customer is who they claim to be. They should also be certain that none of their clients are connected to any criminal activity or are on any banned lists.

Why Us?

Trade Around World is a world-class investigator with extensive expertise. Our findings are significant. Businesses of various sizes, including big and small ones, such as law firms, accounting firms, private equity groups, financial institutions, insurance providers, self-insured employers, third-party administrators, and others, are among our happy clients.

To protect our clients from costly mistakes, we use an exclusive blend to research the complete picture of the target organization. To generate a significant contract, our client will be provided with a comprehensive profile of the business based on a variety of data. The primary goal of our investigation is to provide detailed reports and analysis of the target company's business practices, laws, and legal requirements to enable our clients to make critical business decisions and make profitable investments.

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