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Everybody has some sort of life objectives and aspirations. Yet if you don't adequately plan to reach it, your desires will stay nothing more than that. One could easily attain his dreams with careful financial planning and improved asset management. We will assure to make your dream come true.

finance_1.jpgFinancial consultants can assist both business and private clients while working for an organization or independently. Before providing any advice, a financial consultant frequently meets with clients to evaluate their financial condition.

What We Can Do For You

M&A consulting

Every M&A and private equity transaction must abide by various tax and regulatory requirements, regardless of whether it involves a strategic acquisition, sale of shares, divestment, balance sheet right-sizing, merger, demerger, reduction of capital, buyback, business/asset sale, corporate restructuring, inbound or outbound acquisition, or any other type of restructuring. Having a plan and being aware of your options can help to save transaction costs and risks while also ensuring regulatory compliance. Our team provides a full spectrum of M&A transaction services, including valuation, plan design, target research, support with legal matters, price allocation, due diligence, and plan implementation.

IPO, FPO preparation

When shares are offered for sale on a stock exchange to the general public, this is known as an initial public offering (IPO). With this method, a privately held corporation can become a publicly traded (listed) company.

For an Initial Public Offering (IPO Listing), a strategic communication plan is necessary before, during, and after the assignment. Our skilled team is consistently helping companies of all sizes to successfully navigate their entry into the equity markets. From the creation of the DRHP to the investment tale, every facet of compliance required for a successful IPO is something we can help with. We offer advice on all critical components of an open solicitation, such as timing, value, and road shows.

Sale of Business

A successful approach when it comes to selling a firm requires a well-planned divestment procedure, which involves SWOT analysis, reaching out to the most suitable investors, exceptional transaction collateral, negotiation skills, and legal documentation.

To help you keep ahead of challenges and prevent loss of usefulness, our top advising professionals are forward-thinking experts with innumerable talents, extensive industry understanding, and a futuristic vision. We evaluate your situation and support your negotiating position to raise the sales price and implement the effect with the least amount of disruption to the ongoing business operations, from assisting you in understanding the potential risks and rewards of a divestiture to assisting you in minimizing value leakage.

Leasing of Assets

Asset finance and leasing programs provide a practical and easy source of additional capital for the acquisition of a wide range of assets. Non-taxpaying firms and public sector organizations can take advantage of the added benefit of the lessor offering the lessee a lower after-tax price by employing capital allowances.

Transaction Advisory Services including Bid Process Management

The fundamental values of transparency and fairness must be upheld in any competitive bid management process for public organizations. While undertaking transactions in a competitive setting, such as procurement through big EPC contracts, privatization, asset sales, etc., apex financial institutions and private organizations now prefer to hire an independent consultant to assure fairness, transparency, and accountability.

Financial Analysis & Planning

We would be acting in the organization's, the CEO's, and the CFO's best interests when the finance department supports corporate decision-making by providing financial analysis and insight. Thanks to a global network of experts, financial management can send the appropriate people, with the right skills, to the right place at the right time to assist businesses in becoming market leaders.

Our services

Financial analysis and modeling: To support loan/investment applications and discussions, this requires analyzing a company's financial position and creating models to project its performance in the future.

Preparation of loan/investment applications and presentations: We collaborate with clients to develop presentations and loan/investment applications that contain financial projections, business strategies, and other information required to obtain funding.

Loan/investment sourcing and matching: These companies assist their clients in locating new lenders and investors and pair them with suitable investment and borrowing opportunities.

Negotiating loan/investment terms: We assist clients in negotiating loan/investment terms, such as interest rates, payback schedules, and covenants, to ensure advantageous financing arrangements.

Fundraising strategy development: These companies help their customers develop a fundraising strategy that supports their business goals.

Debt restructuring: If a client is having trouble making ends meet, we can assist them by renegotiating their debt with creditors and coming up with a plan to pay it back in a more manageable way.

Capital structure analysis and optimization: To meet the needs of the firm in terms of financing, the capital structure of a company is analyzed as part of this service, and recommendations are provided for how to best balance debt and equity.

Mergers and acquisitions support: Among the services we provide to clients involved in mergers and acquisitions are assistance with due diligence, establishing finance agreements, and integrating financial systems.

Exit strategy planning: These companies work with clients to develop exit strategies such as business sales, going public, and succession planning.

Why Us?

At Trade Around World, we assist small and medium-sized businesses in achieving their objectives for growth, development, improved profitability, a workable business plan that maximizes their market share globally, and the assurance that they will get the best tax-accounting operation services available for their particular industry.

Our financial consulting team provides expert advice on these matters that could alter your business and build trust. We work with a variety of customers, including multinational enterprises, private equity firms, promoter-managed businesses, creditors, shareholders, and the government.

Businesses and entrepreneurs can use our services to start, grow, and expand their global operations. As a full-service agency, we provide a variety of services. Work with a business that is familiar with international business trends and marketplaces. Work together with seasoned business advisors to expand your business internationally and break into new markets.

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