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Your inventory contains both dry and refrigerated goods, so you need logistics solutions that appropriately account for their characteristics. 

Your supply chain can become flexible enough to handle fresh produce with the help of the integration of ocean and logistics services, and inventory flows can be optimized for goods with extended shelf lives.

Manage a supply chain that is as cost-effective as possible and guarantee product availability with cutting-edge, interconnected supply chain management, intermodal, customs, and storage solutions for fresh, frozen, or dry cargo.

Distribution Management

The distribution must function like a process that can support the advancement of overall economic development in the modern economy, where evolution is founded on the free operation of market mechanisms. In this framework of interpretation, distribution entails more than just the movement of goods; it also includes or is enhanced by a variety of ever-expanding services, active production influences, and comprehensive consumer knowledge. It is important to remember that distribution should not be confused with the movement of products.

DMS_1.pngA supply chain may have one or more intermediaries depending on how difficult it is to reach the retail market. That influences the commercial connection a company will try to have with its distributors or other middlemen. It's unnecessary to name exclusive distributors and dealers for a small business working in a restricted area. Their internal distribution and logistical capabilities allow them to ship their products straight to retailers. However, the supply chain is considerably more intricate and includes numerous middlemen for a large FMCG company.

Benefits of Distribution Management

Due to the ability to distribute products and goods as needed ("just in time" inventory) rather than keeping them in larger quantities ("just in case" inventory), distribution management not only boosts profits but also reduces waste in a number of ways, including decreased spoilage and lower warehousing costs.

Distribution management makes things simpler for customers by enabling "one-stop shopping" and other conveniences and rewards like customer loyalty rewards programs. It also results in lower shipping costs and quicker distribution to customers.

Why Us?

Trade Around World can quickly gather its PPE management specialists to debate the best way to expedite customer delivery.

Trade Around World offers an airfreight option with shop door delivery with the integration of its ocean and logistics services, giving it much flexibility. This indicated that PPE could move smoothly and only have one touchpoint from the port of origin to the ultimate destination. When the PPE provider experiences a delay in production and documentation, Trade Around World can adjust quickly to changes. The shipment from a Less-than-truckload to a Team Truck can be changed to expedite delivery and avoid an extra two days at the destination.

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