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Do you need help setting up a business in Dubai? You can get the greatest company formation services by speaking with Trade Around World professionals. Among other things, we can assist you with licensing, registration, and company documentation.

dubai-municipality-product-registration.jpgFor businessmen looking to import, produce, re-export, and distribute a wide range of goods, Dubai is one of the best options in the world. These goods range widely, including food, cosmetics, and medicines. The government has made the registration of your products before opening your firm necessary due to the expanding business sector. This covers all goods produced and sold in Dubai. With the aid of Trade Around World, product registration in Dubai can be a quick and straightforward process.

What defines a Product Registration?

Product registration is crucial, particularly in the case of cosmetics. Registration must be completed to guarantee consumers that your items are secure. Throughout the procedure, the Consumer Products Safety Section (CPSS) assesses the product's safety when used on the body, hair, or skin. The product registration procedure must be followed for all products, including food, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. Prior to registration, these products cannot be produced, exported, imported, advertised, sold, or distributed. Five years will pass after the product is registered.

The compulsion of product registration 

Before entering the Dubai market, products must be registered with the Dubai Municipality. A few of the factors that make product registration so crucial in Dubai and the UAE are listed below:

  • Ensure consumer protection
  • Restrict the sale of unsafe and artificial goods in the United Arab Emirates
  • Avoid letting similar products go on sale
  • Retain the product's quality

Product Registration Steps 

You must already be a United Arab Emirates-registered firm to register your product. A trade license is also required if your firm involves cosmetics or general trading. The procedures for registering a product in the UAE are as follows:

Formation of the company – The product registration can only be handled by businesses with a base in Dubai or the UAE Free Zone. A current trade license ought to be held by the business. The Dubai Municipality will accept product registration from local businesses operating legally and ethically.

Registration with Municipality – The next step after establishing a business in Dubai or one of the UAE Free Zones is registering with the Dubai Municipality. The DM requests basic corporate information, including the company's trade license, email address, and other contact information.

Assemble and submit the documents– To apply for the label assessment of products in your product category; you must submit the required paperwork to the Dubai Municipality. The next step is to send CPSS a product sample. The DM will produce a Label Assessment Report, which includes a product description after the label has been evaluated.

Advantages of Product Registration

Ensuring the safety of the primary user is the initial goal of product registration in Dubai and the UAE. There are many benefits for firms to have their items registered, even though this mandated registration is advantageous for the final consumer. Product registration in the UAE can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • The entire GCC region will be open for the introduction of your goods.
  • Except for a few unsafe and unethical products, any product can be registered in Dubai
  • Rights regarding import and export
  • Preserve your brand
  • Effortless trading both inside and outside the UAE
  • There is either a minimal or nonexistent tax on the production, import, or re-export of goods in Dubai
  • Security for labels

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